Shri Anand Swarup Bhardwaj (Late)
‘Vishwam Samaj Ratna 1998’
Shri Darshan Lal Dhiman
‘Vishwam Udyog Ratna 1998’
Shri B.S. Rana
‘Vishwam Udyog Ratna 1998’
An outstanding scholar in English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Urdu literature. Author of a number of books on various subjects. A social activist and organiser without comparison.
A leading industrialist, Managing Partner of M/s Continental Hydraulic India. A great philanthropist, who is interested in the upliftment of the poor and underprivileged.
One of the founder partners of Vishwakarma Group of Industries and sole Proprietor of P.K. Hydraulic India.  Front-runner in providing assistance to the needy bretherns.
Shri Kewal Krishan Ajimal
‘Vishwam Udyog Ratna 1998’
Ms. Meena Janghir
‘Vishwam Shiksha Shree 1998’
Shri C.K. Achari
‘Vishwam Udyog Ratna 1998’
A well known figure in the field of Plastic Injection Moulding machines. A successful industrialist and famous philanthropist.
A Research Scholar.  Made mark in the fields of education, literature and social activities.  Winner of a number of awards from national and international institutions.
One of the first members of Artisans Union in Kerala. Was Trivandrum Distt. Secretary of the Union. Social activist and one of the key persons to start Vishwam.
Sardar Surjit Singh
‘Vishwam Karma Bhushan 2000’
Sardar Surjit Singh Joban
‘Vishwam Karma Ratna 2000’
Shri P.D.T. Achary  ‘Vishwam Karma Bhushan 2000’
Former Chairman of Ramgharia Bank. Member, Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee, Chairman, Guru Harkrishan Public School, Hari Nagar.  Actively associated with several socio-cultural organizations.
A well known Writer, Correspondent and Publisher. Contributed to almost all famous Hindi and Punjabi Newspapers and Magazines with his writings. A famous social activist. Recipient of a number of Awards and Citations from various institutions.
Former Secretary General, Lok Sabha. An authority in Parliament Affairs and Procedures in Lok Sabha. Has been intimately associated with the development of Vishwakarma society. A versatile writer on various subjects.
Shri R. Suresh
‘Vishwam Karma Bhushan 2000’
Shri P.V. Krishnan (Late)
Citation for overall achievement (2000)
Shri Ved Prakash Panchal
‘Vishwam Karma Ratna 2002’
Former General Manager at GAIL Hqrs. New Delhi. A gentleman to the core, he is an active member of Vishwam. Takes keen interest in the development of Vishwakarma society
Known for his dedicated and selfless services to Vishwakarma community.  A versatile genius and multi-lingual orator. A great philanthropist and father figure of Vishwam
An eminent scholar, able administrator and a dedicated social activist. Imparting education of international standards to children through a chain of schools known as ‘National Victor Public School’. Received recognitions from various quarters for his multi-faceted services.
Shri A. Narayanan
‘Vishwam Karma Bhushan 2002’
Shri K.R. Sasi Kumar
‘Vishwam Kala Ratna 2003’
Shri Prem Chand Dhiman
‘Vishwam Karma Ratna 2003’
Managing Director of ‘SSS Technical Services’, manufacturing temperature measuring systems for liquid metal industry. A great philanthropist and deeply interested in the uplift of the poor and underprivileged.
An accomplished Carnatic vocalist hidden in an unassuming officialese. Leads a multi-pronged life as a social activist and a leading organiser. An asset to Vishwam and the Vishwakarma community.
An IAS Officer of Himachal Pradesh cadre, earlier posted as Joint Secretary in Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India. An excellent individual with a humanist approach.  Has deep love towards Vishwakarma community.
Shri Kailash Chand Sharma
‘Vishwam Udyog Ratna 2003’
Dr. O.P. Sharma
‘Vishwam Samaj Ratna 2004’
Shri Mohanan Achary
‘Vishwam Udyog Ratna 2004’
A leading industrialist, well known philanthropist and social activist.  Has played key role in helping the poor, destitute and the deprived. Associated with several social, educational and religious societies
A scholar of international fame. Professor and Head of Department in Delhi College of Engineering.  Honoured several times for his social activities.  Possesses indomitable courage, versatile nature with integrity of mind. A man with great ideas.
Managing Director of Special Equipment Service Group, as also Chief Consultant to a leading company dealing in security equipments. A very active worker of Vishwam since its inception. Held several positions in Vishwam and presently  hold the position of President.
Shri Charan Dass Sharma
‘Vishwam Karma Ratna 2004’
Shri K.P. Hareendran Achary
‘Vishwam Samaj Bhushan 2004’
Shri Jai Singh Jhangra
‘Vishwam Karma Ratna 2005’
A leading industrialist hails from Himachal Pradesh.  Strong will power, intelligence and the never give up attitude is the key of his success. A front runner in social and society activities.
A multi-faceted personality. Runs ‘Wisdom Public School’. Works tirelessly for promotion of adult education, rural development, upliftment of educational status to the economically and socially weaker sections.  Associated with a number of social organisations, including Vishwam.
Addl. Sessions Judge, Sonepat. Proved to be one of the eminent luminaries in the field of judiciary. Also earned a niche in the field of social activities. A man with passion to serve the community in a selfless manner.
Shri Vinod Kumar Panchal
‘Vishwam Samaj Ratna 2005’
Shri Yashpal Singh Panchal
‘Vishwam Karma Bhushan 2005’
Smt. Lekha Parameshwaran
‘Vishwam Samaj Bhushan 2005’
Superintending Engineer in Delhi Development Authority. Undertaken a number of prestigious and multifaceted projects which are landmarks in the history of DDA.  As an Administrator and social activist, his achievements are par excellence. A lenient person, always ready to help the needy.
A great philanthropist.  Worked in many leading organisations in various capacities.  Many feathers on his cap.  Presently National General Secretary, Akhil Bharatiya Vishwakarma Virat Sangh
Served the organisation in various capacities as Executive Member, Cultural Convenor, Vice President and Joint Secretary.  An excellent organisor of cultural activities; the ‘Cultural Ambassador’ of the Sabha
Artiste Jagannath (Late)
‘Vishwam Kala Bhushan 2005’
Shri K.P. Brahmanandan (Late)
‘Vishwam Kala Ratna 2005’ (Posthumously)
Lt. Col.(Dr.) R.K. Dhiman
‘Vishwam Karma Ratna 2006
Known for his artistic work, especially excellence in temple arts and carvings.  A good singer, stage artist and ‘Kathaprasangikan’. Has great love for the community.
A great Playback Singer and Music Director in Malayalam film industry.  Sang for 114 films, many of the songs were instant hits and in the list of most favoured even today
A Doctor by profession, working in Army Dental Center, R&R Hospital, New Delhi. A great social activist and  a simple man with great ideas.
Shri Brij Mohan Sharma
‘Vishwam Udyog Ratna 2006’
Dr. Harish Sharma
“Vishwam Karam Bhushan 2007”
Shri C. Radhakrishnan
“Vishwam Kala Bhushan 2007”
A leading industrialist.  Managing Director of JPS Plastics (P) Ltd. A simple man with great ideas.  A social activist, closely associated with organisations looking after the interests of the community
A Doctor by profession.  Well known for his love and service to the community. A great philanthropist and a simple man with great ideas.
An accomplished Carnatic vocalist. Very well known for his love for music. A social activist and a leading organiser. An asset to Vishwam and the Vishwakarma community.
Shri Leelu Ram Sharma
‘Vishwam Udyog Ratna 2009’
Shri Chandrapal Bhardwaj
“Vishwam Samaj Ratna 2009”
Shri Jignesh Panchal
“Vishwam Samaj Ratna 2010 “
He is a successful industrialist, philanthropist and a proven leader among Vishwakarma community. He is the Chairman of Jhangirh Brahmin Shiromani Sabha and the main architect of Jhangirh Brahmin Sewa Sadan, a Rs.350 crores project at Haridwar.
A known educationist, philanthropist and social reformer of Vishwakarma community. He is associated with a number of social organizations like Vishwakarma Maha Sangh, Jhangirh Brahmin Shiromani Sabha, Vishwakarma Educational Trust, etc.,
Born in Gujarat, he made Delhi his Karmabhoomi. A well-known industrialist in Delhi, his contribution to the upliftment of Vishwakarma community is loadable. His industry in NOIDA has won many international awards for its quality management and productivity.
Shri Horilal Sharma
“Vishwam Udyog Ratna 2010”
Col. H.K. Dhiman
"Vishwam Karma Bhushan, 2011 :
Shri Ram Swaroop Sharma
"Vishwam Udyof Ratna, 2011"
 He is a simple, but aggressive industrialist in Delhi. His industry caters to hundreds of youths, especially young Vishwakarmajas. He is a great philanthropist and contemporary social activist.
A serving officer in Indian Air Force, involved in multifarious tasks including networking project in the services. Won President’s Vishist Seva Medal. He works relentlessly for the upliftment of downtrodden among Vishwakarma community, especially the younger generation. 
A leading industrialist in Delhi, he upholds the highest traditions of Vishwakarma and is involves in very many social activities. With his humble nature and high values, he has achieved highest accolades among Vishwakarma societies in and around Delhi. 
Shri Shiv Sevak Sharma
"Vishwam Karma Bhushan, 2011"
Shri Mahinder Singh
"Vishwam Samaj Bhushan 2012"
Shri Rajpal Sharma
"Vishwam Karma Bhushan 2012"
A born leader and social reformer, he is involved in education, politics, social work and above all, in activities to bring the scattered Vishwakarma communities to the main stream. He is a known philanthropist and a scholar and a good orator.     An engineer by profession, he has served in Government as well as private sectors. He is a known scholar in multiple languages and follows high tradition and values of Lord Vishwakarma. He is deeply involved in the upliftment of rural backward communities in general and Vishwakarmas in particular.    A self-built industrialist of Delhi, he is well-known for his simple living and high thinking. He works selflessly for the betterment of Vishwakarmas in village level and through his group, guides and motivates young generation among the Vishwakarmas.  

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